What is KAPLA®?

A universal game that brings out the creativity of players young and old!

No glue, no screws and no clips but the stability of stone!

Invented by Dutchman Tom van der Bruggen in 1987, KAPLA® is a safe, educational wooden construction toy that can be equally enjoyed by children and adults. The perfect ratio of 1:3:5 makes the plank ideal for building all kinds of structures, including monumental constructions!

KAPLA® encourages logical thinking, stimulates creativity and helps develop concentration, patience and perseverence. It is also a great STEM resource for all ages. KAPLA® is used in schools all around the world for a hands on learning approach.

KAPLA Clubs offers a range of workshops and sessions to suit your children’s age, needs and requirements. We can tailor make each session to suit your needs and we can also adapt to the curriculum.

We work closely with KAPLA® in France to bring you a natural and untreated product, made from the sustainable pine forests of Les Landes, near Bordeaux in France.

All planks are rigorously selected and undergo a strict quality control, meaning each plank is perfect and durable. The coloured planks are stained with a food safe paint, making them perfectly safe for even the youngest little builders!

Can I buy KAPLA® planks?


If you’d like to buy some KAPLA planks as a present for your school or your child (or yourself!), you can visit the KAPLA® website at kaplaplanks.co.uk and order directly from them.