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    The children absolutely loved the sessions and it was very impressive to see all year groups from Reception to Year 6 engaged in such a creative, collaborative project with so many links across the curriculum. Not only did they employ their STEM skills to enable them to create a stable structure, but it also encouraged high levels of concentration, perseverance and resilience along with teamwork, communication skills and so much more.

    Mrs Clarke

    Reception teacher at Great and Little Shelford Primary School

    Despite the complexity of the build and care needed to add new constructions surrounded by such delicate structures, it was also fabulous how inclusive it was of all pupils of all abilities, enabling every child in the whole school to feel proud of their contributions and achievements. There was a notable ‘buzz’ in school throughout the project and the awe observed in each and every pupils’ reactions on seeing the completed ‘big build’ was wonderful to see and truly matched the efforts of the communal work. We would highly recommend Jennifer and her Kapla Workshop and can’t wait to have her back again soon!

    Mr Christopher Grey

    Head teacher at Great and Little Shelford Primary School

    Thank you so much for the most wonderful day. The feedback from the children has been so positive and the teachers felt that all the children got so much out of the whole day. They loved the collaboration and teamwork the children displayed and working towards a shared goal.

    Mrs Calvo

    Lycée français, South Kensington London

    The instruction was brilliant; Jennifer was so calm and clear when explaining what to do. The children listened to every word she said.’ This has been the best event that the PTA has ever funded. How amazing to see the whole school creating something together, such a memorable day!

    Mrs Elilio

    Radwinter Primary School