School workshops

From one class to the whole school, we offer workshops for all ages and abilities. Each class will build a different design and end up with a giant construction at the end of the day!

What we can do for your school

A KAPLA Clubs School workshop is a unique, 3D hands on learning activity where every single child participates. Your class will work on a specific construction together under the guidance of a KAPLA expert.

At the end, you will have your own unique exhibition, a sort of a museum display showcasing each child’s artistic contribution to a monumental masterpiece.

KAPLA Clubs offers endless learning opportunities and so many cross curriculum links!


Experiment with forces and gravity and much more


Working together towards a specific construction


Sparks creativity and imagination resulting in a monumental masrterpiece at the end


Geometry, 3D building, counting, logic and problem solving and measuring


Work on those important life skills such as: problem solving, cooperation, teamwork, wellbeing (building with KAPLA is very therapeutic)

Perseverance and Resilience

When building with KAPLA, we do not use glue or clips. The children’s perseverance and resilience skills will be challenged!


The children will be working on their concentration and patience skills, they will acquire precision and develop their fine motor skills.


Although we will be working on a guided construction, there are many opportunities for the children to be creative and use their imagination.


  • How does it work?
  • How long is each session?
  • Where can the workshops take place?
  • What happens at the end of the workshops?
  • Are the children really demolishing their construction?
  • How much are the workshops?
  • How can I fund a KAPLA Clubs workshop for my school?
How does it work?

We arrive at your school at least 1h before with thousands of planks and will work with each class (1 class at a time) to achieve a stimulating and engaging construction.

The children will be guided through a specific design according to their age. Each class will take turns to come and build and add to the construction. At the end of the day, we have a monumental build that each and everyone has contributed to.

How long is each session?

We recommend:
45min for children in KS1
1h to 1h30 for children in KS2

You’ll see for yourself, there is never enough time when you start building, the children will not want to stop! We can run between 3 to 5 sessions per school day, each session can have a maximum of 30 children.

For larger schools we can run the workshop over several days to give each class a chance to participate. Please contact us with the numbers of children in your school and we can give you an idea of a schedule.

We can be flexible with numbers, please contact us for more details.

Where can the workshops take place?

We can build on any flat surface. In order to achieve a WOW factor at the end of the day, it is best if each class contributes to the construction in the same location. We generally use the main school hall for the day.

For schools using the main hall at lunchtime, the kitchen usually prepares a packed lunch that day.
The bigger the hall, the bigger the construction!

At KAPLA Clubs, we are very flexible, please contact us if you have any specific requirements.

What happens at the end of the workshops?

After your class has finished their construction, the children will be invited to go back to their classroom and resume their day as normal. We will then welcome the next class and so on.

When the last class has finished their construction, we have the whole school come together in the hall to admire the monumental build. Parents can also be invited, it is quite a sight and should not be missed!

Then, it is demolition time!

Are the children really demolishing their construction?


The children have been waiting for this with great anticipation. Imagine between 20,000 to 50,000 planks coming down in seconds as a giant domino run. It is fascinating to watch!

There are several ways to demolish the construction and tidy up, our favourite is to ask one or two classes to have this privilege, but if you have a 2 form entry school, we will need a few classes to demolish and tidy up.

How much are the workshops?

The workshops are competitively priced: from only £5 per child depending on location, + travel expenses.

Minimum of 120 children (or from £600 if you have less than 100 children), no maximum!

We are based in Cambridgeshire but we do travel throughout the UK. Please enquire for a customised quote.

How can I fund a KAPLA Clubs workshop for my school?

  • Ask for a parent contribution
  • Use any fund-raising money (PTA)
  • Use pupil premium money (a KAPLA workshop falls into many curriculum categories such as sports (teamwork), STEM, Art (creativity), reinforcing school values (perseverance, achievement, communication)
  • Ask for sponsors to contribute fully or partially. We will happily add their logo and details on the leaflet we give each child after the workshop.

Enquire on a KAPLA Clubs workshop for your school

We use Party Pro Manager for school workshop bookings. To fill out the enquiry form click on the button below and a window will appear within your browser.

Enquire here

Alternatively, click here to go the enquiry form page directly.



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Caroline Mungeam
Caroline Mungeam
30 May 2024
Fun, nice, I love it!!
Merike Williams
Merike Williams
3 May 2024
I honestly can’t recommend this enough. Jennifer is amazing and the age appropriate, cross curricular links she makes and explains to the children are brilliant. The resilience, endurance and teamwork shown by our children was incredible. Plus, it was fun! 10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith
17 April 2024
Amazing STEM building workshop today. Jennifer was very patient and made the sessions fun. My son loved it thank you!
Katherine Dexter
Katherine Dexter
25 March 2024
All of the children at our infant school (and the adults too!) absolutely LOVED their KAPLA Clubs experience! Jennifer was amazing - she explained and demonstrated brilliantly and aimed the activities at exactly the right level for our children. Every single child was engaged the whole time and they all raved about it afterwards. The sense of achievement from the children at the end of each session was clear. The exhibition and demolition was of course a highlight! I would recommend KAPLA Clubs to anyone and we can't wait to get them back into school again soon!
Hassan Chowdhury
Hassan Chowdhury
16 March 2024
The workshops were loved! From the children in reception to year 6, and adults as well, the levels of being hooked and captivated were amazing. Jennifer, our facilitator was very clear, patient and very engaging and the final build was awe inspiring. The final demolition was well organised and fun, fun, fun! Thank you!
Gemma Loraine
Gemma Loraine
1 March 2024
What a fantastic workshop! Every child has been inspired and we have had so much positive feedback. The workshops were pitched perfect for the age of the children (4-7). We will be re-booking in the future!
S Birchley
S Birchley
29 February 2024
It was fun to make snd looked amazing once finished.
23 February 2024
We as a pta arranged Kapla to attend my daughters Primary School for a 1 and a half days workshop. Jennifer kept the children engaged throughout and was very organised in her methods and creativity. All of the children enjoyed today and they were all capable of building something from reception class up to year 6 juniors. We had a town, tower block buildings, circular bridges, octopus, giraffes that were incredibly high! Chickens, and many other smaller pieces like trees, boats, sandpits, pools, and a crab! The parents were able to view at the end of school on the last day and then 3 classes were selected to help demolish! Which was also very enjoyable for them! The method is very clever and the finished activity is a masterpiece! I’d highly recommend for any school or team building activities.
Ilona Gardner
Ilona Gardner
23 February 2024
What an amazing whole school experience. I loved going into my children's school and helping out over the past two days, am now hoping to book Jennifer to come into my school.
Sharon Messenger
Sharon Messenger
23 February 2024
Had Kapla at our school today. 100% recommend this. It was amazing. Children loved it and want it back already. Fabulous ideas and very well organised. Book it, you won't be disappointed.