Our story

About KAPLA Clubs.


A few years ago, I (Jennifer) came across the KAPLA wooden game when I was looking for an engaging present for my primary school aged twin boys.

From the day they opened their first KAPLA® box, they were engrossed into building all sorts of amazing structures. They created seemingly complicated towers, marble runs, bridges, trains, etc. In fact, the whole family was addicted. Even my mother in law who was building train tracks and my husband who would spend hours building complex bridges once the children were asleep!

After speaking to a few of my friends in France I realised that KAPLA® was actually widely known in France and that most French children and schools were using the wooden planks

The KAPLA® game

KAPLA® is an amazing concept: identical planks of untreated sustainable pine wood that you stack together to build anything you can imagine. It is a versatile educational game used in schools around the world but we haven’t caught onto it yet in the UK. It allows children to strengthen their concentration, perseverance, spatial awareness, problem solving, logical thinking and of course team work! Your child will have so much fun with geometry, physics, maths and engineering that they won’t even realise how much they are learning.

I started working closely with KAPLA® in France to find a unique way do deliver the benefits of this product to the UK. This is how KAPLA Clubs was born. I am so excited to be able to offer children from age 4 to 104 the opportunity to test their building skills to the limit!

Workshops, events, clubs and parties

I offer school workshops, after school clubs, weekend family sessions, birthday parties, nursery and pre-school sessions, special occasions entertainment such as weddings, Christmas parties and more.

We even offer corporate events and team building workshops for the big kids.


The children absolutely loved the sessions and it was very impressive to see all year groups from Reception to Year 6 engaged in such a creative, collaborative project with so many links across the curriculum. Not only did they employ their STEM skills to enable them to create a stable structure, but it also encouraged high levels of concentration, perseverance and resilience along with teamwork, communication skills and so much more.

Mrs. Clarke

Little and Great Shelford Primary School

One of our most popular sessions at Home Ed Hub Club is when Jennifer brings her boxes of Kapla. With gentle, professional guidance even the most reluctant of builders is soon making marvellous creations. It is wonderful to watch the thought and imagination that goes into this hands on activity and how engrossed the children become. At the end of the session, once the children have enjoyed knocking over their builds and clearing away the pieces, they always leave the room satisfied and happy. I can not recommend Jennifer and her Kapla sessions highly enough.

Mrs E.L-G


Our son Thomas is always excited when there’s an afternoon KAPLA club at his school. He loves construction and creativity, so this is of course the ideal activity. However, these sessions are also special because they involve collaborative work among children of different ages. Thomas enjoys following the older kids and helping newcomers by explaining the patterns that he has learned.



My daughter had a KAPLA party for her 7th birthday. Jennifer had 2 teams building giraffes and I was amazed to see how focused the children were and their excitement as the giraffes formed before their eyes. The proud children wanted to keep their construction intact to show their parents at pick up time, who were equally impressed. Jennifer kept the children enthralled and entertained making my job super easy and it an enjoyable party for all!

Mrs V.


KAPLA planks are amazing! They really bring out my children’s creative building skills. Jennifer is great at setting the scene and helping the construction grow. I would really recommend getting involved.

Mrs I. Rawlinson

My son decided on a KAPLA Clubs party after doing a one off after school club of KAPLA building, which he loved. Jennifer came 30 minutes before the party to set up and discuss with the birthday boy what to build. I wasn’t sure how focused eight 6 year olds would be but the kids loved building and didn’t stop until it was time to pack up! Jennifer was so patient and guided the children on how to build and made sure everyone was engaged. I was amazed by the end result and how much they managed to build, without anything falling over either! All the kids thoroughly enjoyed it, especially at the end when they broke it all down. I would highly recommend Jennifer and KAPLA Clubs for a unique birthday party.

Mrs S. W.